Posted by Kate Phizackerley on 00:44

Well I can't resist this story.  UBS, a bank I generally admire, has issued a 44-page manual istructing staff what they should wear.  Challenges for the guys apparently include a requirement that ties should match "morphology of the face".  The challenge for women is that underwear must never be visible through the clothes.  That means white blouses are out - and managing to wear any blouse without bra strap lines being visible is pretty much an unattaintable challenge for anybody who has more than a tiny bust.  Actually, I'd agree on the underwear point in one regard: I hate it when men wear vests underneath a white shirt as the vest is always visible.  And of course, the manual stipulates that men should wear white shirts.

The idea of guidelines about what to wear - and more importantly what not to wear - to work is a good one.  I'm just not sure this particularly instruction manual has hit the spot.   To be honest I'd rather my staff spent 30 minutes reading something that directly impacted the bottom line then a clothing manual.



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