Posted by Kate Phizackerley on 16:15

Sometimes tasks seem to big. An important approach is breaking them down into smaller components, something I refer to as eating an elephant bite by bite. Sometimes each component is worthwhile in itself. Careers are often built like that. A student might choose a degree in medicine but be unsure whether she wishes to become a surgeon or an endocrinologist.

Othertimes, the components don't represent valuable achievements in their own right and several components are needed together to achieve a business goal. They may need to be persued with a certain degree of synchronicity. The overall plan is usually termed a "programme" and the individual components "projects".

One of the reasons many so-called projects fail is that they should have been managed as a programme comprising multiple projects, not as one project. Many inexperienced project managers fail to correct structure programmes as multiple projects and indeed lack the skills to manage a programme even if they identify it correctly.

Eat those elephants bite by bite!



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