Posted by Kate Phizackerley on 16:30

I loved last night's Apprentice (UK TV) when they had to make sausages. It felt so much more genuine than many tasks. At the top un business teams often do compromise people you have never met and working through the night and into the next day with them is par for the course.

I hope we see more tasks like that this series. In general I've also found Donald Trump on the American series so much more impressive than Lord Sugar ... I can totally see why Trump is vastly wealthier. Hopefully this will be Sugar's last series. He criticises the aggression of the apprentices but his own aggression is not a great model for business - although perhaps commonplace in the City. The Apprentice is so close to being educational but fails because of poor tasks and IMHO the approach of Lord Sugar. Let's hope that on the basis of last night we are going to get better tasks, especially more like on the American version where winning doesn't depend entirely on one-day profit which is the ultimate in short-termism



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