Posted by Kate Phizackerley on 15:22

There's often a lot of attention given to layout and content, but very little given to writing style of marketing material. That may be a mistake. I had lunch this week with Andie Byrnes who runs the Egyptology News blog. There aren't many top blogs on Ancient Egypt but Andie's and my own News from the Valley of the Kings are two of the most popular.

We got to talking about out blogs, of course, and the conversation surprised us. I get lots of comments on my blog. I've made it social. People have conversations on the blog. The emails I get are people sending me information or chatting about social things. Someone for instance has just sent me an article about Pharaoh Hounds which I published for him on one of my other blogs.

In contrast, Andie often has few comments.  Her emails are people asking her questions and for information - for instance college students wanting help with college projects.  I don't get any of those.  As Andie put it, "I'm regarded as a walking encyclopaedia".  In a business, being regarded as a subject expert (like Andie and her blog) might be the aim.  Or maybe you want to engage with customers and clients (like my blog)?

That's the enormity of differnce the style of approach can make.



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