Posted by Kate Phizackerley on 19:07

Wow. Two posts in one day!

I had a post on the old marketing blog about how actors can train people to speak in public or do business proposals. I was about to do a new article, when I came across something far more detaiiled than I was going to write. It is an article by Public Speaking Training by Broadway Actors, which is is a New York City based company of leading actors who give private training, workshops and master classes in public speaking. Obviously it's very supportive of the benefit, but it is a concept I support. In the UK it's fairly hard to find actors who are used to doing this - there are some niche companies and the Globe has run some sessions I know - so it's good to see it being promoted so well in the States. Whichever side of the Pond you live and work, I reccoment this Squidoo article to you.

The key to any business presentation is impact. That is partly inate - some people are more charismatic than others. But it can also be substantially enhanced by training. Actors who are used to commanding a stage and keeping a live auduence rapt are particularly suited both to train, and to critique a business excecutive.

To go with it, here is another article of some really stand out presentations.



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