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Wow. Two posts in one day!

I had a post on the old marketing blog about how actors can train people to speak in public or do business proposals. I was about to do a new article, when I came across something far more detaiiled than I was going to write. It is an article by Public Speaking Training by Broadway Actors, which is is a New York City based company of leading actors who give private training, workshops and master classes in public speaking. Obviously it's very supportive of the benefit, but it is a concept I support. In the UK it's fairly hard to find actors who are used to doing this - there are some niche companies and the Globe has run some sessions I know - so it's good to see it being promoted so well in the States. Whichever side of the Pond you live and work, I reccoment this Squidoo article to you.

The key to any business presentation is impact. That is partly inate - some people are more charismatic than others. But it can also be substantially enhanced by training. Actors who are used to commanding a stage and keeping a live auduence rapt are particularly suited both to train, and to critique a business excecutive.

To go with it, here is another article of some really stand out presentations.

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There's often a lot of attention given to layout and content, but very little given to writing style of marketing material. That may be a mistake. I had lunch this week with Andie Byrnes who runs the Egyptology News blog. There aren't many top blogs on Ancient Egypt but Andie's and my own News from the Valley of the Kings are two of the most popular.

We got to talking about out blogs, of course, and the conversation surprised us. I get lots of comments on my blog. I've made it social. People have conversations on the blog. The emails I get are people sending me information or chatting about social things. Someone for instance has just sent me an article about Pharaoh Hounds which I published for him on one of my other blogs.

In contrast, Andie often has few comments.  Her emails are people asking her questions and for information - for instance college students wanting help with college projects.  I don't get any of those.  As Andie put it, "I'm regarded as a walking encyclopaedia".  In a business, being regarded as a subject expert (like Andie and her blog) might be the aim.  Or maybe you want to engage with customers and clients (like my blog)?

That's the enormity of differnce the style of approach can make.

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No, this isn't racy, just an observation about networking at group events. Business networking courses suggest that if people part turn leaving a spot where a third person can join as an equal in the circle that they are effectively advertising to be joined by suitable company. In a dating context it might not - instead just indicating the formative nature of the relationship.

I suspect the same in a business environment. An open placement (rather than turned face to face) could indicate that other people are invited to join the discussion. Equally though it could be a couple who do wish to talk exclusively of others but whose body language is representing that they are reserving their positions to each other with respect to negotiations or a closer business environment.

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The season is nearly upon us again. The temptation in tough years - and for many 2009 has been tough - is to cut back on the partying. That may be a false economy. During tough times keeping morale up can be vital.

This year that may especially be the case. If, as many suspect, the economy will move forwards in 2010 Christmas may offer a chance to transition the mood of an organisation away from 'getting by' into something rather more optimistic.

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A number of organisations hold a morning meeting every day. I've heard it called "Morning Prayers" but a much better alternative is "the Dash". It embeds the sense of urgency which is good not just for the meeting itself but for the entire morning ahead.


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