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It's a simple tip - but it makes a difference. If you have a new initiative you are trying to publicise, call it something. It's not just easier to refer to "Kate's Wizz" than "that new method I have for turning twizzle sticks", it's also far easier for your customers to remember it.

A name also makes you idea sound more professional and finished - even if in practice you are still knocking rough edges off it in the background. In marketing image isn't quite everything, but unless you get the image for an idea or project right it's hard to get somebody to look at the substance.

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When my friend and I left the theatre, there were placards up for a summer stage school. I commented that a stage school was recommended for anybody who does new business pitches (or indeed and significant client presentations) but she hadn’t heard this. So perhaps it is worth repeating here why it is benefiicial:

  • It teaches presence and how to take charge of a “space”
  • One can learn how to project the voice
  • It trains people how to reinforce a message with body language
  • One learns to appreciate an “audience” and to judge their reaction
  • It can help with “learning a script” to reduce the use of notes
For all these reasons stage school - or perhaps amateur dramatics - can benefit anybody who does a lot of business presentations and is having trouble engaging with their audience.

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In business presentations and pitches it's common for several presenters to line up. How should their order be decided?

It's something which doesn't always get much attention, but it should. If the principle of AIDA is considered, then the presenations should be ordered to build to a close. I explain more in this Squidoo lens on speaker order in business presentations.

[For long subjects, I'm intending to move a lot of the detail off into separate articles hosted elsewhere. Short articles will continue to be presened in full here on the blog.]

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I have decided not to maintain separate blogs on marketing and general business administration so I have replaced those with a brand new blog, Kate Phizackerley on Business. Please add the new blog location ( to you bookmarks and remove the bookmarks for the two abandoned blogs. The new blog has a much better layout (I happen to prefer Blogger to Wordpress) and Kate Phizackerley on Business has been consolidated into a single framework with my other main blogs. It gives me a consistent brand and makes maintenance and design updates much more efficient.

If you are receiving this post via an newsreader or Twitter, you do not need to update your settings - I have redirected the new blog so that it updates the old newsfeed as well, and the Twitter address will remain the same.

I'm hoping to start posting new content in the next few days.

Thank you for continuing to read my blogs.

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